We say it all the time "That premise should be a sketch." But how does it get there? Where do you start? Improv to Sketch will get that great improvised scene to an awesome sketch. This workshop will focus on generating material through the group mind, length, and structure. In the end, you'll have the tools to make your own sketch show that is both funny and says something.


Patrick Newson is a graduate of IO Chicago and American Musical Dramatics Academy. He has been an actor/ writer/ director on 25 of IO's Monday Night Live ( a sketch show assembled in 13 hours). Head writer on IO's POV, a weekly news satire sketch show. Author of OK Stupid: A show about finding love in the Digital Age.


Time: October 13th 3 PM

Duration: 2 Hours


Location: The Improv Shop

Improv to Sketch with Patrick Newson