10:02 is a long-form improv team from St. Louis. They specialize in monoscenes, building characters and locations to tell hilarious stories over the course of one scene.



Babies- Babies are one of KC's longest running indie teams. They are known for their fast, and fun style of play, as well as a variety of forms they can do, including their signature Pan Out form, where each new scene is directly connected to the previous one, but it's own scene entirely.



Members: Aron Wallis, Gabi Sa' Teles, Cody Lindenberger, Bobby McCosky, John Adams, Nan Turner, Jill Gillespie



Burnside is a house Harold team that performs at The Improv Shop in St. Louis, Mo. They are committed to the power of groupmind and never abandon a bad idea. Since they formed in late 2014, Burnside has performed at the Chicago Improv Festival, the Detroit Improv Festival, Louisville's Damn Good Improv Festival, STL's Flyover Comedy Festival, STL's Compass Improv Festival, and a birthday party in Kansas City, Mo.


Comic Strip

Ever have that nightmare where you are on stage in your underwear? We do that on purpose. Each scene brings a new suggestion and at least on improviser in that scene will have to bend over backwards to justify the removal of a layer of clothing.

Crucial Dudes.jpg

Crucial Dudes

Strong commitment, high stakes, big action, and even bigger grins. Crucial Dudes doesn't hesitate to dive headfirst into scenework. As a group, the support shown by its members is endearing and a wonder to watch. Strap in for a wild ride that spills off of the boundaries of the stage and into your psyche. Crucial Dudes has been featured on the stages of iO Chicago, CIC Theater, The Playground Theater, and the 2018 Compass Improv Festival.



We are DocU- The Improvised Documentary. We make the Doc, U want to see!

DUMMY PromoSquare.png


DUMMY is Colleen Doyle and Jason Shotts doing a two-person improvised show. They started performing together at the iO Theater in Chicago back in 2008.

Since then, DUMMY has performed for audiences in London, Rome, Copenhagen, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, San Diego, Austin, Houston, Washington DC, Phoenix, Tucson, Cleveland, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, Atlanta, Traverse City and Gainesville.

DUMMY proudly won the iO Chicago’s Del Award for “Best Non-Harold Improv Show” in 2013 and 2014.

For Better or Worse.jpg

For Better or Worse

Inspired by the notion of "happily ever after," For Better or Worse: An Improvised Wedding & Reception brings their signature form to The Compass Improv Festival. From "I Do" to the last dance, For Better or Worse creates an immersion experience to witness the collision of social "solar systems" among a couple-in-love with engaging, grounded scene work. For Better or Worst's brand of comedy aims to leave audiences charmed and joyful.



We do a personal monologue followed by a montage that exists in a tight world. We've been a team for three years and we've had a weekly slot at CiC in Chicago for 2 years.

Game day.jpg

Game Day

Game Day starts with a series of monologues with emotional heart and then spins scenes of unexpected perspectives. We are a team best friends/Improv Shop graduates with expertise ranging from My Little Pony to neuropsychology.

Gladsome Company.jpg

Gladsome Companee

We start with an audience suggestion and do a documentary-narration style group monologue followed by a series of two-person scenes, confessionals, and a string of short scenes that tie everything together in a gladsome package!

Glass Shark.jpg

Glass Shark

Harold team from IS. Lots of energy.


Jackson Soup

Jackson Soup is an improv duo with over 23 years of combined experience. They have opened twice at the Chicago Improv Festival and performed to a soldout show at San Francisco's Sketchfest in January 2018! Pamela loves Michael Jackson and Dave loves soup. Their shows are real, relatable and sometimes include a rifle-toting elderly couple trying to kill a pregnant rat baby mama in their attic. Generally, their performance is a two person short-form montage featuring scenes, monologues, multiple characterss, improv poetry readings and songs. Shows typically begin with a series of relationship-based two-person scenes, evolving into multiple character scenes and callbacks. Shows can last anywhere from 20-60 minutes the night's schedule.



Improvised Musical Fractured Fairytales



Heraldo is a Spanish improvised comedy show based out of the iO Theater in Chicago which specializes in heightened physical and emotional comedy for all.
Performed by a cast of Spanish-speaking veteran improvisors, Cesar Jaime, Jimmy Gribbin, Orlando Lara, Manuela Mendoza, Claudia Martinez, Rich Alfonso, Jesi Realzola, and Mike Geraghty.
HERALDO: Improv in Spanish, Laughs in English.

Jack & Koch

 Laugh a little. And get yourself a glass of Jack & Koch

no offense randy.jpg

No Offense, Randy

No Offense, Randy performs their signature longform, Expacíon, which threads a single location/event through multiple scenes, generating themes that a cavalcade of supporting scenes then expand and explore.



A longform piece made up of 2 person scenes, monologues, and duologues.

Lady Die.jpg

Lady Die

Lady Die is a badass all-lady longform improv team out of St Louis.

Maggie Talks.jpg

Maggie Talks:Canadian Ice Dancing

Contrary to what she believes Maggie is not Canadian and is an ordinary resident of Saint Louis who basks in the extraordinary lives of Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

     Maggie will take you on an emotional journey talking about her journey watching two other people’s journey of Olympic Victory, and if she has her way, their love.



We perform the Harold format. We ask for a suggestion, discuss it briefly, and then jump into the fun.



They are Moist and after their show....you will be too!



Shitshow is a mix of improv, sketch, video, music, standup, and whatever else we feel like doing each week. Join us, won’t you? We’d love to have you.

Partners in Time.jpg

Partners In Time

In the lobby before the show, we ask audience members to write time periods, real or imagined, on the backs of Post-it notes. We get suggestions like the "the time when sliced bread was invented" or "when the universe began". We have the audience stick the notes to our Partners In Time board. During the show, Roger and I attempt to create real deep emotional scenes with complicated characters and then halfway through each scene we grab a random time period from the board and try to justify it! We have no idea what time periods we will grab during each scene.

Night Moose.jpg

Night Moose

Night Moose invites you to join the fun as the herd mashes long and short form improv elements together to create a funny and unique improvised show that will never be seen again. Ever. So come frolic with Night Moose!

Ratas de Dos Patas.jpg

Ratas de Dos Patas

Meet Ratas De Dos Patas! Four fierce teachers who are here to teach you some life lessons with  one phrase in Spanish! Using an audience suggestion, these maestras translate the phrase into Spanish and use it to create larger than life scenes that will have you jaja-ing until you cry happy tears!

Rated P.jpg

Rated P

Rated P is a long form troupe that does narrative shows in the form of a made-up movie. We squeeze a full length feature into about 20 mins. (That's how much time we typically get at OKC Improv. We do a variety of genres (superhero, rom-com, disaster movie, etc). We just pick a genre and run with it.


Rollin' in Riches

From Los Angeles, these two goofballs hit the stage with no plan other than to bring the energy and have a blast! Our philosophy is to react honestly and emotionally and follow the show wherever it goes! And have some laughs along the way!

Rue McClanahan.jpg

Rue McCalahan

Rue McClanahan is a three person, long-form improv team from St. Louis. It is comprised of Scott Leeker, Lucy Crouppen, and Scott Weinberg. They also have a podcast called Here We Go Again.  Come see them and as always, Thank you for being friend!!



What happens when your Improv Partner is the biggest, most dangerous company in the world? I don't know! Let's Google it!


That's No Movie

That's No Movie performs high-energy, fast-paced improvised movies, using just their minds and bodies to create everything you'd see on a movie screen -- the characters, props, sets, special effects, musical soundtracks, camera angles and more. They have studied and perfected dozens of movie and TV genres, including space operas, slasher flicks, Disney Princess animated features, super-hero blockbusters, Hitchcockian thrillers, Lifetime movies, Rankin Bass holiday Claymation specials, Nicholas Sparks tearjerkers and Hanna Barbera teenage detective cartoons. They perform regularly in Kansas City, including at their own monthly show. They also have performed at improv festivals and comicons around the country, including the Del Close Marathon, the Chicago Improv Festival, the Chicago Nerd Comedy Festival, the Kansas City Improv Festival, the Omaha Improv Festival, Planet Comicon, O! Comic Con, Crypticon, TOPCON and the Midwest Gamefest.

The Affogatos.jpg

The Affogatos

Based on an audience suggestion, two friends weave a true story into a completely made up performance.

One four fives.jpg

The One Four Fives

20-25 minutes musical based on suggestion of name of musical that will open and close on the same night


The Rev. Flint Chiddle

An Improvised Gospel Revival. This show is a blend of high energy audience work, improvised sermons, musical interludes and deep emotional one on one conversations, with religion as a theme to tie all things together. Recently billed as the show "Hallelujahpalooza," it is show for all religions and none of them, at once. Attached is the only video I have available and it shows the first time I attempted this show format (at the Compass All Nighter 2018). It has since undergone much polish and has been met with much acclaim.

Thoughtful Lovers.jpg

Thoughtful Lovers

Eight crazy kids with an average age over forty perform a long form show complete with an organic opening and a couple duel logs.


Tucker's Bucket

Take a deep dive into the world of Tucker's Bucket: a Harold team that can't stop, won't stop, and won't apologize for bringing off-the-wall character work and inventive quick-witted humor to the stage.



Wisenheimer is an uncensored long form improv comedy troupe hailing from Rock Island, IL, and was formed in 2011. Leslie Mitchell, Jeff De Leon, and Jen Kuhle routinely travel the country performing at comedy festivals. In 2015, the troupe launched Wisenheimer: The Podcast, available on Apple Podcasts.