Improv Dim Sum

Every Sunday night Compass Improv proudly presents Improv Dim Sum.

A different coach sharing their take on something you can add into your play.

IE: Building your character from the ground up instead of the head down.

Explore of Viola Spolin.

Learn to make personal connections faster.

2 hours filled with learning and laughter.

Sign up now. Limited to 10 players.


$80.00/4 classes per month.

Will McLaughlin

This is deep dive into the UCB improv program.

  1. Game of the scene — UCB is credited with creating and popularizing this concept. Essentially this is ‘what is funny about the scene’ — but reduced to a theatrical formula to help create and build comedic improvised scenes.
  2. Level 2 is where Game is taught. The UCB is one of the best improv schools to study game of the scene-based improv.
  3. UCB classes focus on: the Armando (or their version of it — ASSSSCAT) and Harold. Levels 3 and 4 focus exclusively on this form as both a teaching and performance tool.
  4. UCB digs deep into a monologue, pattern game or other openings--used as a premise generation tool. UCB’s structure is designed to allow performers space to get their premise or idea initiated.
  5. UCB helps you enhance your telling of monologues -1–4-minute true stories that have a point of view. These serve as inspiration for the back line to perform scenes off.
  6. UCB style improv is most like sketch comedy — in that there is a clear comedic idea that is explored and heightened.
  7. Studying UCB style improv is very helpful to hone your understanding of scene roles and functions.
  8. UCB teaches a number of group games, and is an excellent tool towards building ensemble based performance.
  9. Developing your comedic voice.
  10. UCB style improv is a great tool for actors to understand scene dynamics, how to use a funny idea in a scene or commercial and play into that, explore and heighten it to its full comic potential.

In January Will offers:

UCB 101 Part 1 leading to Part 2

UCB 201 Part 1 leading to Part

UCB 301 Part 1 leading to Part 2

UCB Harold Intro (Advanced course)

Start Date: Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Duration: 6 weeks/2 hours per class

Time: 4:30 pm PST/7:30 pm EST/6:30pm CST

Cooper Shaw

Accents and Dialects with Cooper Shaw. Cooper is an admitted “geek.”  Her infectious joy of coaching creates a safe, fun and educational space to develop new characters.

Cooper is a Second City faculty member.

16-week program.

Class 1: R.P. & Cockney

Class 2: Irish & Scottish

Class 3: French & Italian 

Class 4: Brooklyn & Midwest (or U.S. Regions to be discussed by class.)

Date: Tuesday--January 10, 2023

Duration: 4 weeks/2 hours per class

Time: 5pm PST/8pm EST/7pm CST

Rick Horner

Rick Horner is the founder and Artistic Director of the

Philadelphia Improv Incubator.

25 years performing in long form, short form, & musical.

 Class 1:

 Rick is coaching the "Shut Off "(how to affect and be affected in scenes).
(All 2-person, side coached scenes, focus on affecting, justifying and exaggerating/heightening).
Some improvisers shut off their emotions while improvising, and are unaware or unaffected by what other players are up to. Stop waiting for your scene partner to say or do something amazing: it is already happening! Have fun and play! Learn how to avoid waiting to get your bearings and then trying to get into a scene. Students will be side coached from shutting themselves off from being fully present and affected by your fellow players. 

Date: Wednesday, 1/4/23

Duration: 4 weeks/ 2 hours a week

Time: 7pm CST

Class 2:

Personalized Coaching for Teams.
Via Zoom
Rick will coach your team based on your specific goals.
Contact Us : today and schedule a call
Date/Time: TBD
4 weeks/2 hours per class
2-players ---$30/player/week
4-10 players--$20-25/player/week

Bridget Knapp

Welcome to Bridget's playground!

Bridget has a background in Spolin, long & short form, musical improv & has been performing since the 80's.

She is a master at creating a safe space.

A space to push yourself, fail, learn and laugh.

She loves helping you make better choices...

Bridget will help you get out of your comfort zone, and suggest ways to make your improv better….

High energy, FUN. Out of your head.

Don't take the class if you don't want to be interrupted and have fun...

Date: Tuesday, January 10. 2023

Duration: 4 weeks/ 2 hours per class

Time: 7pm EST/6pm CST/4pm PST